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Designed by: Magic Lemons

Welcome, to Age Of Demons online RPG. Age of Demons is a text based RPG where can take on the role of the bad guy. In this game you can battle hundreds of different foes, complete life risking quests, duel other players, earn gold and buy cool items, collect rare items, armour, weapons, and much more. If you think you have what it takes to be the worlds greatest demon then give it a try. The following RPG is 100% free of charge. However there is to be no abuse or illegal operations, such actions will result in deleting of accounts.


December 04, 2004- Today I have released a preview of the game. The game is not yet finished, however we are planning to release it early next year if possible. We have been working very had these last few days to get the preview up. The game may not be alot like the preview but similar. If you have not yet seen the preview and wish to click here! I hope you enjoy it. Happy holidays everyone!

November 3, 2004- Hi everyone, unfortunatley due to lack of funds we were unable to purchase a website. However I will try my best to rune this game without a database. This mean the game will be played by e-mail, yes you heard right by e-mail. However some of you may still enjoy it. I urge you to give it a try.

February 9, 2004- As you may have noticed more banners and gaming site links have appeared all over the webpage. This is due to re-introducing this game to the world. We strongly urge you to vote. The more you vote the more people will come and join, making the game a better place. Also remember if you have any questions please E-mail me at

February 8, 2004- A large event has occured today! It seems the site owner no longer wanted to run this site. So I magic Lemons have taken over his duty. Yes thats right we have re-opened and in only a few days/weeks the game will be up and running! So hold onto you're socks.

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